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Rupert has a broad practice base which includes extensive experience in the areas of drugs importation and production, and fraud. Through this work he has detailed knowledge of confiscation procedures and the application of POCA 2003. Other defence work involved cases of serious violence and drugs supply. Rupert believes in being actively involved in case management and many of his instructing solicitors have expressed how beneficial they find his involvement in preparing and advising from an early stage in the case.

"the Bench has enormous confidence in the Bar to represent defendants. Mr Gregory is an outstanding example of the Criminal Bar being able to pick up cases at short notice. His impeccable, eloquent submissions, and mastery of the case have been outstanding".

HHJ BALL QC, presiding judge at Chelmsford CC at the conclusion of R-v-Coates.


R-v-C Conspiracy to import 54kg of cocaine. Liverpool Crown Court, June 2016

R-v-S Possession with intent to supply commercial quantities of cocaine. Kingston Crown Court, January 2016

R-v-P Aggravated burglary. Home invasion case involving serious violence and theft of a safe. Central Criminal Court, January 2016

R-v-M Perverting the course of justice. Aylesbury Crown Court, December 2015 R v I - Firearms trial. Maidstone Crown Court, November 2015

R-v-M Firearms trial involving a scorpion machine gun, fired at a PCSO. Central Criminal Court, September 2015

R-v-G Posession of firearms and ammunition. Kingston Crown Court, July 2015

R-v-H Blackmail and firearms offences. Snaresbrook Crown Court, June 2015 R v A-T - Attempted murder. Guildford Crown Court, June 2015 see here

R-v-C 29 counts of historic rape against children. Birmingham Crown Court, April 2015

R-v-A Dangerous driving on M25. Guildford Crown Court, January 2015 see here

R-v-O Kidnap, false imprisonment and torture trial involving gang violence. Snaresbrook Crown Court. August 2014

R-v-S Defending in a trial involving the importation and production of millions of pounds worth of counterfeit goods. Manchester Crown Court, June 2014

R-v-B Murder trial at Southwark Crown Court. Defendant was a CPS caseworker at the Central Criminal Court. April 2014 see here

R-v-G Conspiracy to supply machine guns with intent to endanger life. 6 week trial. Liverpool Crown Court, January 2014

R-v-C, Large drug importation conspiracy.Chelmsford Crown Court

S v HMRC, High Court (Administrative Division): legally complex proceedings against HMRC in respect of a confiscation order for £2.8m, following a very large VAT carousel fraud.

R-v-D Lengthy proceedings under the Proceeds of Crime Act, Basildon Crown Court

R-v- Lawes Defending the death by careless driving of a pregnant policewoman, widely reported. see here

R-v-O & Others, representing the lead Defendant in the largest ever fraud  against an NHS trust.

R-v-Crawford [2008] EWCA Crim 1863; [2008] WLR (D) 287, the leading authority on cross-admissibility of bad character evidence.

R-v-T, defending the first ever prosecution for trafficking and exploiting a domestic servant into the UK. The Defendant was acquitted of people trafficking.

R-v-S (2008), in which Rupert successfully persuaded the Crown Court to dismiss eight out of nine counts of burglary on the basis that the Crown couldn’t prove continuity relating to any of the evidence on those counts. They were later reinstated by the Court of Appeal, but dropped by the Prosecution.

R-v-H & Others, conspiracy to blackmail a large Ipswich crime family.

R-v-R & J (Led Junior), a Network Rail fraud case which involved the creation of ghost employees and false overtime claims.

R-v-O & Others, a conspiracy to defraud banks and high street retailers through large-scale credit card cloning.

R-v-K & Oths (Led Junior), a 14-handed conspiracy to export stolen cars of high value in containers to Africa. Each of these cases involved the consideration of 8,000-15,000 pages of evidence. Rupert also has considerable experience in dealing with cases involving procedural irregularities.

R-v-S, successfully defended in a multi-handed conspiracy to produce and supply several kilos of crack cocaine.

R-v-S which dealt with corrupted DNA samples.

R-v-H, s.18 assault using a dangerous dog as a weapon. Causation involving use of a dog as a weapon questioned using expert evidence.

Reported Cases

R-v-Crawford [2008] EWCA Crim 1863; [2008] WLR (D) 287, the leading authority on cross-admissibility of bad character evidence.


He is a member of the Criminal Bar Association


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