Call Date: 1997

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Molly undertakes the most serious of cases, including murder, manslaughter, rape and fraud She primarily undertakes defence work and is very experienced in all areas of crime. Molly has extensive experience in cases involving vulnerable witnesses and defendants, including those where intermediaries are used. Molly has been instructed in VHCC cases and confiscation hearings. Molly has appeared as leading counsel and sole advocate in complex, multi-handed and serious cases, sometimes appearing against or co-defending with QCs. Molly has also been instructed in many high profile cases which have attracted media attention. Molly is on the CPS rape and fraud specialist lists and has prosecuted and defended in many cases involving serious offences of this type. Molly has also made appearances in the Court of Appeal, having been granted leave. Some examples of notable cases Molly was instructed in during 2016 and 2017 are:


Notable Cases

R v F and others – leading junior counsel in manslaughter (shooting) case where all other defendants were represented by QCs. Defendant was acquitted, (2017)

R  v R – sole defence counsel in attempted murder (stabbing), (2017)

R v E – sole defence counsel in historic familial sexual offences case involving a child, (2017)

R v W – sole defence counsel in historic multiple rape case involving vulnerable complainant, (2017)

R v C – sole defence counsel in rape case involving vulnerable complainant. Intermediaries used to assist complainant and defendant

R v M – junior defence counsel led by QC in murder case (shooting) – (2017)

R v B – sole defence counsel in case attracting media attention involving historic sexual offences against multiple family members who were children, (2016)

R v G – sole defence counsel in rape case involving vulnerable complainant and use of section 28 pre-recorded cross examination, (2016)


Other notable cases Molly has been instructed in are:

R v J – leading counsel in internet grooming rape case

R v D sole advocate in “one punch” manslaughter case

R v P and others – leading counsel in large credit card cloning fraud case

R v M – junior advocate led by QC in murder case involving issue of fitness to plead

R v R – sole advocate in lengthy section 18 wounding trial involving 8 young defendants

R v A & Others – sole counsel in large drugs conspiracy case

R v B – firearm case involving “exceptional circumstances”. Sentence successfully appealed

R v A and others – sole advocate in blackmail case


In 2018 Molly is instructed in cases including murder, section 18 (stabbing), attempted rape, sexual assault, indecent images, money laundering, and conspiracy to defraud. She is also instructed in fitness to plead proceedings.


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