Michael Conning


Called: 1990

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Michael is an accomplished jury advocate. He believes in meticulous preparation, and a careful tactical analysis of the features of a case which may lead to an acquittal, whilst maintaining a good rapport with the client and providing support to the family.

He is adept at the preparation of defence statements and disclosure issues; opposition to bad character applications; cell site analysis; medical evidence; and financial investigation (confiscation). He has successfully appealed convictions and sentences, including cases where he was not the original trial counsel.

Michael is experienced in murder (including gang related); manslaughter; sexual offences (both recent and historic, and with vulnerable witnesses); corruption; fraud, money laundering and confiscation.


2018 cases:

R v S - Seven week trial of 6 defendants tried for murder/manslaughter at Central Criminal Court - Analysis of cctv and cell site evidence

R v A - Gang related abduction and torture

R v K - Firearm conversion and certification

R v Z - False imprisonment and blackmail

R v A - County lines drug supply in Wales

R v B - Conspiracy to steal from betting shop with insider assistance

R v K - Series of robberies in Central London

R v F - Credit card fraud involving banks, casinos and pawnbrokers

R v O - Brothels and money laundering

R v T - Family fraud on incapacitated mother

R v T - Rape of child (1960s)

R v H - Violent assault by group on asylum seekers

2017 cases:

R v W - Conspiracy to facilitate fraudulent immigration, following BBC Panorama investigation - 8 defendants, 8 week trial

R v G - Fraud on Charity by administrator (and confiscation)

R v S - Internet fraud (Bulgarian)

R v A - Internet dating site blackmail

R v I - Gang rape of 13 year old

R v T - Two defendant rape

R v S - Impersonation of police officer to rob money exchange

R v S - Conspiracy to steal within travelling community

R v R - Campaign of internet harassment by vulnerable defendant

pre-2017 cases:

R v B - Conspiracy to commit corruption in public office - Corruption of HMRC offices - Central Criminal Court

R v R - Murder involving gang confrontation at Westfield shopping centre. Ten week trial and re-trial at CCC

R v W-B - Violent Disorder in confrontation with police

R v O - Conspiracy for unlawful immigration (Nigerian-European marriages)

R v S - Loan sharking and confiscation proceedings

R v C - Murder in dispute between colleagues

R v W - Child cruelty, husband and wife

R v P - VAT carousel fraud - £3.7m. Principal defendant

R v M - Solicitor kidnapped by gang with undercurrent of money laundering. Judge orders acquittal after 30+ days of disclosure

R v K - Internet supply of steroids from site in Moscow

R v S - Attempted murder in South London gang dispute tried at Central Criminal Court


BSc (Econ) University of Wales

College of Law Chancery Lane (conversion course and finals)

Called as Solicitor 1993



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