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Called : 1990

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Ian has quickly established himself as a confident, user friendly and effective silk who is comfortable when dealing with difficult, serious and high profile cases.

Ian only defends and has built his reputation and his practice on a solid foundation of hard graft. He is tactically astute, methodical in his preparation and fluent in his legal submissions (both oral and written). His cross examination is direct and no nonsense and his speeches are skilful and comprehensive. He knows how to make a jury listen and he is always passionate about his cases.

Ian is user friendly and excellent with clients both professional and lay. His communication skills are second to none. He is an advocate who gets the job done and he does not disappoint.

His practice encompasses a full range of serious top end criminal defence work both publicly funded and private. His specialist areas are murder, sexual offences and drugs conspiracies. For a number of years these have been the mainstay of his practice although he is equally at home with receiving instructions in cases involving financial crime and related areas. In addition to the above Ian has also undertaken Federation cases before the Crown Court and at disciplinary tribunal level. He is currently expanding into Health and Safety work. He also receives instructions from insurance companies in relation to Road Traffic work.

In relation to cases involving sexual offences his expertise is wide ranging. He has regularly appeared in cases involving child witnesses, historical allegations, the use of intermediaries, gang rapes and multiple victim cases as well as trials which involve issues of consent between adults. His approach is methodical, direct and fearless. He is able to tackle complex and delicate matters with a deft touch whilst at the same time ensuring that a clients case is presented wholeheartedly to a jury. His approach has ensured that this is an area where his instructing solicitors come back to him time and again and colleagues regularly ask for advice.


Significant cases of interest include:

2017: R v B. CCC 5 week trial before the Recorder of London. Allegations of Murder and causing/allowing the death of her 16 week old daughter. Cut throat defence with father of the child. The crown relied upon a plethora of leading experts in the following fields: pathology, paediatric pathology, radiology, osteoarticular pathology, neuro pathology, ophthalmic pathology and paediatrics. It was a stella line up. This material had to be cross examined. There were substantial issues relating to domestic violence, bad character and disclosure. The case involved significant phone evidence, cell site and CCTV. My client was acquitted of murder. The case attracted national press coverage.

2017: R v O; R v O Ltd. Chelmsford CC. 3 week trial. Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety Offences. The case involved a subcontractor falling through a roof to his death. There was substantial cross examination of a Senior Environmental Health Officer, Senior Health and Safety Inspectors, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor, a Structural Engineer and other industry specialists. The defence involved allegations of collusion by some prosecution witnesses and was a cut throat against the subcontracting organisation.

2017: R v D. Harrow CC 2 weeks. Possession of firearms with intent to endanger life and Class A drugs supply. The case was originally linked to an attempted murder. The defence was duress.

2017: R v P. Maidstone CC 1 week. Fraud involving employee - breach of trust.

2016: R v W. Canterbury CC 2 weeks. Allegation of multiple rapes and sexual assaults by a defendant with severe learning difficulties on a complainant with significant physical disabilities and severe learning difficulties. Both had intermediaries. He had an intermediary throughout the proceedings. There was a complicated S41 application. The case required the preparation of an appropriately framed list of cross examination questions in line with the advocacy gateway, CPR and current case law. The document was approved by the court and intermediaries without correction. Cross examination was conducted without interruption. The defendant was acquitted on 4 of the 5 counts. There was a difficult sentencing exercise which required a deft touch. A determinate sentence was passed.

2016: R v Nibbs. Murder. CCC. 2 week trial. Husband beheading wife. Extensive legal submissions relating to loss of control. Significant cross examination of pathologist

2016: R v H. CCC 5 week trial. Attempted murder by shooting. Hung jury.

2016: R v B. Maidstone CC.  7 days. Allegations of historical sexual assaults and rape. Acquitted.

2016: R v Jacobs. ILCC. 3 weeks. Murder by arson.

2016: R v P. Sexual assault of children by a child. Woolwich CC. Successful submission of doli incapax at the conclusion of the prosecution case.

2016: R v Crosbie. Murder. Cambridge CC. 2 week trial. Stabbing. Significant issues of bad character - both defendant and non defendant.

2016: R v M. Maidstone CC. 3 week trial. Allegations of historical child rape by a child on a child. The case involved significant abuse of process arguments and required an extremely skilled and deft approach as it included allegations against the client’s father and the death of the complainants father in related proceedings. Hung Jury. Crown offered no evidence.

2016: R v Azadbakht. Woolwich CC. 5 week trial. Murder by stabbing. The case involved a multiplicity of complex issues including a dying declaration, hostile witnesses, the waiver of privilege in the context of a cut throat defence and numerous bad character applications with cross applications. In total there were well in excess of 30 separate documents uploaded onto the applications section of the DCS.

2016: R v D: Maidstone CC - 2 week trial. Allegations of assault by penetration and sexual assault. Both the victim and the defendant were vulnerable. Acquitted of the main count.

2016: R v J. Snaresbrook CC. Causing death by dangerous driving. The defendant was unfit to plead as a consequence of the injuries she sustained in the collision. It involved a fitness to plead hearing and a jury trial on the issue of whether the defendant did the act. The case had experts from a number of disciplines and required the presentation of a defence case without instructions when the incident had been caught on CCTV. "The Defendant was Absolutely Discharged"

2016: R v M. Maidstone CC. 1 week. Following on from a 9 handed 11 week trial for conspiracy to supply class A in 2015 (see below) involving millions of pounds of drugs where the defendant was the only one not convicted because the jury were hung; at his retrial he was acquitted on all counts. Case involved over 29,000 pages of evidence. Top end drugs conspiracy.

R v Bartholomew: Hove CC – 7 weeks – leading on a multi handed murder as a junior – acquitted on all counts. All other leading counsel whose clients were charged with murder and the crown were silks.

R v Gelezinis: Maidstone CC – 12 week trial – 4 handed murder – acquitted on all counts. He conducted the case without a junior. All other defence teams and the crown were represented by silk and junior.

R v H: Woolwich CC – 7 week week trial – Multi handed conspiracy to pervert the course of justice involving the discharging of firearms and a hand grenade. He appeared for the main defendant.

R v Van Doesburg: Leeds CC – 4 week trial - £16 million importation of cocaine. Leading. Acquitted.

R v M: Maidstone CC: 11 week trial – 9 handed, multi million pound importations and supply class A – hung jury. M was the only defendant charged with drugs not to be convicted.

R v D: Wood Green CC: 5 week trial – multi handed gang rape of a 14 year old girl. Acquitted.

R v M: Snaresbrook CC: 7 week trial - leading – two handed multiple rapes and sexual assaults involving young boys. He appeared for the main defendant.

R v F: Croydon CC: 3 week trial – allegations of serious sexual assaults including rape perpetrated against 3 young women involving the use of an animal. Acquitted.


Member of the CBA.

Other Information:

Ian is an Advocacy Trainer with Inner Temple.

In addition to his practice Ian is heavily involved in the running of chambers and has responsibility for the finances. He is also one of the Equality and Diversity Officers. He is a family man who still enjoys playing football.