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Having returned home to the North East of England, Fiona is now a tenant at New Park Court Chambers in Leeds and Newcastle. Fiona is still undertaking work on the South Eastern Circuit and stays on as a door tenant with Farringdon Chambers.



Fiona joined Farringdon Chambers after successful completion of a reduced pupillage under the supervision of Ian Henderson.

Fiona specialises in criminal defence and she has been instructed in a variety of matters in the Crown Court, Magistrates’ Court and the Youth Court.

Fiona also accepts instructions in all civil matters in the County Court and High Court including Appeals, Advices on Quantum, Small Claims and Fast Track Trials, Debt Recovery and Enforcement, Insolvency, Landlord and Tenant, Consumer Credit, Contract, Personal Injury, Property and Commerical law. Fiona regularly appears in the Royal Courts of Justice in applications under the Companies Act 2006.

Fiona is licenced to accept Direct Access work.



Prior to commencing pupillage Fiona worked as a County Court Advocate for LPC Law Ltd appearing in County Courts in the North East area. During this time she was able to gain real advocacy experience in a variety of areas allowing for a smooth transition into pupillage.

Fiona is an opponent of the death penalty and is a member of the organisation Amicus ALJ. Fiona worked for four months as a Mitigation Specialist and Investigator in the Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office.



R v MM (Isleworth Crown Court) - Instructed from the outset to represent MM in relation to multiple allegations of making indecent images of children, the majority of those being Category A. This was the second time that MM had been before the courts for such matters.

R v BG (Camberwell Green Youth Court) - Acquitted on one count of GBH resulting in a broken eye socket. BG forwarded pre-emptive self defence along with his co-defendant.

R v NW (Snaresbrook Crown Court) - Acquitted on both counts of ABH and common assault against two youths. Allegation was that NW had headbutted one male and punched another four times to the face in an unprovoked attack. Headbutt resulted in the loss of two front teeth. Identification was not an issue. Jury took 15 minutes to return a verdict of not guilty.

R v FB (Snaresbrook Crown Court) - Secured an acquittal in a two-handed burglary trial after a successful half time submission.

R v PK & Others (Blackfriars Crown Court) - Led by Bill Ryan in a multimillion pound cross-jurisdictional fraud involving stolen mobile telephones. Involved approximately 60,000 pages and thousands of hours of undercover surveillance footage. Trial lasted 5 weeks. Fiona represented client at sentence. Case reported in the national media.

R v BC & Others (Southwark Crown Court) - Led by Martin McCarthy in a 'boiler room' fraud. Secured acquittal on a single count of conspiracy to defraud after 7 weeks in trial. The case concerned the overpricing and selling of coloured diamonds to vulnerable investors, amounting to profits for the fraudsters in the region of £1.5m. Case reported in the national media.

R v PS (Central Criminal Court) - Instructed in a 3 day ABH trial involving pre-emptive self defence.

R v MH (Camberwell Green Youth Court) - Involved careful and detailed cross-examination of a 15 year old witness. Despite previous convictions for robbery being before the District Judge and the fact that MH was picked out on an I.D. parade, MH was acquitted of a single count of robbery.

R v SC (Romford Magistrates Court) - Secured an acquittal on all three counts relating to a domestic incident involving multiple family members.

R v JA (Uxbridge Magistrates Court) - Instructed in a theft and common assault trial where JA was seen to have placed a number of items in his bag, attempted to flee the store and punched a female security guard in the face. Incident captured on CCTV. Acquitted of the theft charge following legal submissions on JA’s intention to permanently deprive.

R v BR (Wimbledon Magistrates Court) - Secured an acquittal for possession of a knife. Persuaded the Crown to reduce their case down to section 10 admissions only, with the whole trial lasting under fifteen minutes.

R v BK (Hendon Magistrates Court) - Persuaded the District Judge that a community sentence was appropriate following a trial which involved serious injuries on a female caused by head-butting and choking inflicted by her partner.

R v BB (Reading Crown Court) - Instructed in a 2 day appeal against conviction in a S4A Public Order trial.

R v MJ (Willesden Magistrates Court) - Secured an acquittal in a domestic violence trial. MJ had allegedly poured boiling water on the victim, resulting in burns down one side of her body. MJ’s case was that the victim had poured water on herself.

R v PS (High Wycombe Magistrates Court) - Secured an acquittal after a successful half time submission in a criminal damage trial where a number of BMW cars were damaged amounting to over £4,000 worth of damage.

R v SS & Others (Central Criminal Court) - Instructed to represent the interests of SS within the role of a Noting Junior during an 8 week misconduct in public office trial. Notes amounted to over 245,000 words and were provided as a transcript to all Counsel. Case reported in the national media.

R v TG & Others (Maidstone Crown Court) - During her pupillage Fiona assisted Ian Henderson during a multi-handed murder/section 18 involving four Lithuanian nationals. Fiona was involved in note taking which amounted to over 315,000 words arising out of three months in trial which was provided to all Counsel. Fiona played an active part in reading and summarising all of the used and unused material, assisting in the preparation of complex Routes to Verdict and the digesting and simplifying of previous convictions relating to offences in Lithuania. Case reported in the national media.



“Fiona is particularly adept at dealing with difficult clients with mental health difficulties, she is well liked by clients and is very much at ease with vulnerable clients”

"Fiona gives every case her full attention and she has established herself as very reliable Counsel… she is incredibly hardworking”

“Fiona was instructed as a noting junior in a very serious and complex conspiracy and I was highly impressed with her professional integrity, hard work ethic and high standards for client service”



County Court Advocate, LPC Law Ltd (2012 – 2014)

Mitigation Specialist / Investigator, Oklahoma County Public Defender’s Office (2012)

Legal Consultant specialising in Diminution claims, Clifford James Consultants (2011)

Gateway Assessor and General Advisor, Citizens Advice Bureau (2008 – 2011)

Caseworker on a Criminal Appeal, The Innocence Project (2008)



LLM, Racism and the American Death Penalty (Commendation) (2010 – 2011)

BVC, Northumbria University (Very Competent) (2009 – 2010)

LLB (Hons), Sheffield Hallam University (Upper Second Class) (2006 – 2009)



Amicus ALJ

Criminal Bar Association

Middle Temple

South Eastern Circuit



Northumbria University BVC Scholarship (2010)

Duke of Edinburgh Awards: Bronze, Silver and Gold



'This house will bring back the death penalty' against Godfrey Bloom MEP (Durham University Debating Chamber) (February 2013)

'One for Ten' (Guest Speaker) (July 2013)

'Amicus Practical & Theory Training Weekends' (Guest speaker and seminar leader) (October 2013 & March 2014)

'The American Death Penalty and An Amicus Internship' alongside Mark George Q.C. (Newcastle, Northumbria and Durham University) (2012 & 2013)



'My Amicus Internship: Oklahoma' - Amicus Journal Issue 30 (Published May 2013)

'The Death Penalty in the U.S.: Oklahoma' - Amicus Yearbook (Published 2012)

'Too Little, Too Late?' - Amicus Newsletter (September 2011)

'Is the Judiciary too keen to press the Override Button?' - Amicus Newsletter (August 2011)



Cars, motorbikes, travelling, photography and vegetarian cooking.



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