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Call Date: 2001

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Elizabeth's practice covers criminal defence work. She undertakes a wide range of criminal cases, including organised crime, complex fraud, murder/manslaughter and sexual offences. She has been instructed in a wide range of complex fraud cases throughout her career. She has appeared both as leading counsel and junior counsel in several notable trials. She is a passionate advocate who is dedicated to providing high quality representation for her clients. Elizabeth also has a specialist defence practice in extradition, dealing with Part 1 and Part 2 cases in both Magistrates' Courts and the High Court.


R -v- A & Others -Southwark Crown Court (2017) - Conspiracy to defraud. Perverting the court of Justice. Case ongoing

R -v- M - Snaresbrook Crown Court (2017) - Stalking. Vulnerable defendant suffering with Asperger's Syndrome

R -v- H & Others - Kingston Crown Court (2017) - Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life

R -v- T - Woolwich Crown Court (2016) - 10 year campaign of historic rape

R -v- H & Others - Blackfriars Crown Court (2016) - Conspiracy to steal and Handling Stolen Goods. Conspiracy to steal luxury items from Louis Vuitton in London

R -v- M & Others - Canterbury Crown Court (2015) - Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs

R -v- D & Others - Southampton Crown Court (2015) - Conspiracy to Supply Class A drugs. Case involved a large Police operation in Southampton involving "insurgent dealers"

R -v- B - Southwark Crown Court (2014) - Banking Fraud. Case involved a Barclays bank employee

R -v- S - Isleworth Crown Court (2015) - Attempted Rape. Sexual Assault. Defence of sleepwalking

R -v- L & Others - Snaresbrook Crown Court (2013) - Represented the alleged ringleader in an allegation of conspiracy to kidnap/blackmail/false imprisonment

R -v- E & Others - Croydon Crown Court (2012) - Leading counsel. Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Acting for the first defendant, Elizabeth represented a man accused of being at the centre of two national complex frauds valued at £1/7 million. The case attracted national media attention as it involved the use of insiders working for the DWP. The evidence required specialist analysis of audit trails and computer evidence.

R -v- M & Others - Croydon Crown Court - Multi-handed firearms cases. Shooting in South London. Evidence of multiple experts/cell site/examination of firearms discharge residue evidence

R -v- H - Southwark Crown Court (2011) - A 16 year old youth accused of attempted murder

Examples of Reported Cases


R -v- Delaj (Edward) - Court of Appeal (Criminal Division) - [2009] EWCA Crim 127 - Sentence reduced on appeal for possession of identity documents.


Nguyen, Hoang -v- Oldenburg District Court in Germany [2014] EWHC 1423 (Admin) - Extradition to Germany

Vaganovs -v- The Governor of HMP Wandsworth & The Republic of Lativa [2013] EWHC 1077 (Admin). Application for a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum regarding a decision of a District Judge who refused to discharge under s.4 of the Extradition Act 2003.


Criminal Bar Association

Human Rights Lawyers Association

Extradition Lawyers Association


Working knowledge of French


"The Bribery Act 2010. What you need to know" - Published 2011 Chambers website

"How Judicial Review can help you" Published 2013 in prisoner's newspaper, Converse



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Elizabeth Lambert