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Call Date: 2001

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Elizabeth Lambert’s practice focuses on serious, complex and high profile cases in general crime and fraud.

Her experience in general crime includes cases involving serious violence and gang-related violence, firearms offences, drugs conspiracies, kidnap and a spectrum of sexual offences including those committed by grooming gangs.

Elizabeth has also been instructed in a wide range of complex fraud cases throughout her career. She has appeared both as leading counsel and junior counsel in several notable trials. She is a passionate advocate who is dedicated to providing high quality representation for her clients. Her approach is calm, measured and efficient.

Elizabeth is featured in the 2019 Legal 500 directory as a leading junior in General crime.

She defends in gang-related violence and firearms cases.’ (Legal 500 – Crime)

A first choice for many solicitors for “heavyweight” criminal trials. She has considerable experience in representing those facing serious allegations and is tactically astute in her approach.


Organised Crime/ Violence:

R v B & others (2018)- Case involving allegations of multiple incidents of violence in a gang-related turf war.

R v A & Others (2017) Instructed for defendant accused of being involved in a gang-related conspiracy to possess a firearm (sawn-off shotgun) with intent to endanger life. Trial lasted 3 months. He was alleged to have been party to a plan to commit a revenge shooting following the murder of another male the previous day.

R v H & Others (2017) Conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life. The defendant was alleged to have supplied a firearm and ammunition to others intent on carrying out a revenge shooting. Acquitted after a 6 week trial.

R v White & Others (2017) The defendant was accused of biting off the ear of male during an altercation between two groups in Maidstone. Link: The Sun

R v M. Hart & Others (2016) - Conspiracy to steal and Handling Stolen Goods. Conspiracy to steal luxury items from Louis Vuitton in London. Acquitted. Link: The Evening Standard

R v Lebaga & Others (2013) - Represented the alleged ringleader in an allegation of conspiracy to kidnap/blackmail/false imprisonment. Acquitted after a 5 week trial. Link: News

R v M & Others (2012)-. Shooting in South London. The defendant was alleged to be the shooter. Evidence of multiple experts/cell site/examination of firearms discharge residue evidence. Acquitted after 4 week trial.

R v H (2011) - Attempted murder. Stabbing committed in response to racial taunts in public transport. The victim was unable to give evidence due to suffering from permanent brain damage.


R v A & Others (2018) - Conspiracy to defraud the LAA. Perverting the court of Justice. Hung jury after 7 week trial in 2018. Re-trial scheduled in 2019.

R v S & Others (2018) – Immigration fraud. Instructed to represent a defendant who committed multiple immigration frauds over a 7-year period.

R v B (2014) - Banking Fraud. Case involved the use to computer technology to uncover a fraud that had been committed internally by Barclays bank employee.

R -v- E & Others (2012) - Leading counsel. Multi-handed conspiracy to defraud the Department of Works and Pensions (DWP) and Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC). Acting for the first defendant, Elizabeth represented a man accused of being at the centre of two national complex frauds valued at £1/7 million. The case attracted national media attention as it involved the use of insiders working for the DWP. The evidence required specialist analysis of audit trails and computer evidence.

Vulnerable Defendants:

Elizabeth currently holds instructions to represent a vulnerable defendant who is accused of committing a series of international cyber-crime offences. Trial listed in 2019.

R v E (2018) Case involved a vulnerable defendant alleged to have committed numerous sexual offences against his very vulnerable step-daughter. After numerous defence disclosure applications, the prosecution offered no evidence.

R v M (2017) – Multi-jurisdictional stalking. The case involved a vulnerable defendant suffering with Asperger's Syndrome.

R v X & Others (2017) An extremely serious case of GBH in which the victim suffered life changing injuries and permanent disability as a result of a random assault. The defendant was a young man suffering with severe learning disabilities.

Serious Sexual Offences

R v Niaz Ahmed & Others (2018)- Huddersfield Grooming Gang. Link: BBC News or The Sun

R v H (2018)- Attempted sexual grooming of an online decoy. The case involved the defendant being apprehended by a vigilante group in the midlands.

R v T (2016) – 10-year domestic campaign of historic rape and torture.

R v S (2015) - Attempted Rape. Sexual Assault. Defence of sleepwalking. Case involved the parties calling two round renowned experts in this specialised area.

Examples of Reported Cases


· R   R v Ahmed, Imtiaz, Imtiaz [2018] EWCA Crim 1805 - Sentence disparity. Money laundering.

· R   R v AB, CD, EF [2017] EWCA Crim 534 - A local authority had no power, either under the Local Government Act 1972 s.222 or otherwise, to bring a prosecution in respect of a fraud on the Legal Aid Agency allegedly perpetrated by a solicitors' practice based outside the local authority's area. It was not in the public interest for a local authority to offer a national prosecutions unit as an alternative to the Crown Prosecution Service.


Vaganovs -v- The Governor of HMP Wandsworth & The Republic of Lativa [2013] EWHC 1077 (Admin) - Application for a writ of habeas corpus ad subjiciendum regarding a decision of a District Judge who refused to discharge under s.4 of the Extradition Act 2003.


Criminal Bar Association

Human Rights Lawyers Association

South Eastern Circuit


Working knowledge of French


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