Call Date: 1999 (Recorder 2016)

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Claire is regularly instructed to defend in the most serious of cases before the Crown Court, including murder, fraud, rape and human trafficking. Claire appears both as leading junior counsel, with Queens Counsel and as sole junior counsel in complex multi-handed high profile trials. As a result of the work undertaken by Claire she has a wealth of advocacy experience and has substantial experience in dealing with expert evidence including cell-site, DNA, mobile telephone and computer analysis. Throughout her practice Claire has become known for her attention to detail and being able to analyse quickly the issues in cases and identifying weakness to exploit.


Claire is trusted by those instructing with the most difficult of clients and has great experience in representing defendants with mental health difficulties, having appeared in fitness to plead hearings, trials of issues and s41 restriction cases. She also has particular experience of cases involving young children and cases requiring intermediaries.


 Notable cases:

 As a guide only, in recent years Claire has been instructed in the following matters;


R-v-L - The Supreme Court of Gibraltar.

Leading defence counsel representing a young defendant charged with numerous counts of arson of domestice properties on the rock. High media interest.



R v AB - Junior counsel, led by QC, in mutli-handed murder said to be organised from a prison cell. Defendant acquitted of murder but convicted of conspiracy to do ABH.


R v P - Led Junior, by QC, in a multi-handed murder. The stabbing which resulted in the death of 15 year old was said to be in revenge for an incident earlier in the day. The main issue was joint enterprise and the case complicated by bad character. The defendant was acquitted of all counts.


R v P – Led junior, by QC, in a 7 handed murder. They were accused of firebombing the home of a man who was alleged to have murdered their friend in the previous 24 hours, however the wrong house was set alight resulting in the death of a mother and her 3 children. High media interest.


R-v-J - Sole junior counsel in attempted murder case where the defendant suffered from complex psychiatric difficulties which had gone undiagnosed.


R-v-M - Sole junior in attempted murder case. The defendant had stabbed in the neck the father of his ex-partner. Complicated domestic factors and bad character.


R-v-P– Sole junior on multi-handed attempted murder. The defendant was said to repeatedly stabbed in the back a gang rival. Bad character issues arose and cut throat defences.


R-v- A - Sole junior counsel in attempted murder by a domestic violence victim.



R-v-D – Led Junior on Conspiracy to Murder – Honey trap shooting.


Sexual Offences

R v B - Sole counsel in historic sexual abuse alleged against stepdaughter case offences dated back to the 1980's which divided the family. Acquitted of all counts.


R-v-U - Leading defence counsel in multi-handed, rare prosecution for Trafficking young girls for sexual exploitation out of the UK.


R-v-M – Sole counsel defending in case involving historic sexual offences from 70' and 80's including bad character application of unproved sexual allegation also historic.


R v H – Alleged rape of a close friend, complicated by bad character application. Acquitted.


R v  R- Sole counsel defending care worker accused of sexual assault upon a severly physically impaired client in his care. The complainant very limited in communication. Defendant acquitted.


R-v-P – Sole junior counsel defending in case of rape and false imprisonment of his then partner and mother of his child acquitted of all counts.


R-v-K - Sole junior counsel representing a defendant accused of serial rapes and false imprisonment.


R-v-I – Human trafficking for purposes of prostitution. Sole junior in multi-handed case.


Financial Offences

R-v- S -   £44million fraud multiple defendants - Southwark CC - led junior


R -v- S -  Sole junior in multi- handed fraud in excess of £90,000 stayed as an abuse of process due to disclosure.


R-v-Kostromina – Multi-million pound International online banking fraud (Zeus).

R v P – Led junior on one of the biggest money laundering cases £40m stopped due to the state of the NCA prosecution. All defendants acquitted.


R-v-Adeyemi – Led junior in an MTIC fraud value £140 million.


R-v-D – Led junior representing a solicitor accused of mortgage fraud. The case was stayed as an abuse of process due to failures on disclosure.


R-v-Franklin – Sole junior on 2 day contested confiscation hearing £2m hidden assets involving the calling of evidence from outside the jurisdiction.


R -V- S - £2m confiscation proceedings dealing with foreign hidden assets.


Other offences

R-v R - Sole junior. Firearms conspiracy case involving Mach 10 sub machine gun

R V B – Sole junior in multi-handed drugs importation of 130 kilos cocaine value approx. £19million


R-v-Chambers – Led Junior for one of the principle defendants in the largest ever Flying Squad investigation into raids on high value jewellers.


R-v-M – Sole junior for the lead defendant in 9 handed conspiracy to rob cash in transit vans.


R-v-R – Led Junior in multi-handed opium importation (at the time one of the largest importations)


Member of South Eastern Circuit

Member of Criminal Bar Association

Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association



External Trustee Anglia University Student Union

Claire is Licensed to take Direct Access work.