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Call Date: 1999 (Recorder 2016)

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Claire is a leading junior who is ranked in Legal 500 2019 "Determined, Hardworking and Diligent in her preparation"

Having been a member of Chambers since 2001 Claire is now one of the most senior members and was in 2016 appointed a Recorder of the Crown Court, a first in Chambers.

Claire is an experienced leading junior counsel and regularly undertakes the most serious and complex of cases many of which attract media attention. She is often commended for her attention to detail and client care by those who instruct her. Claire has extensive experience in dealing with cases involving vulnerable witnesses and defendants. Due to the nature of her practice Claire regularly appears in multi-handed drugs and fraud cases and has significant expertise in dealing with cases involving substantial amounts of paperwork, telephone evidence and cell site.

In recent years Claire’s practice has seen her undertake substantial cases involving experts including ‘baby shaking’ cases and Health and Safety prosecutions alongside QC’s.

Sexual offences both current and historic are a substantial part of Claire’s practice and she is experienced in cases involving the use of intermediaries and cross-examining vulnerable complainants including children as young as 5.

Claire is trusted by those instructing to represent the most difficult of clients and in the most complex of cases.

Claire is a qualified facilitator for the Vulnerable Witness Training.

In 2016 Claire was appointed as an Independent Funding Adjudicator.



R v L The Supreme Court of Gibraltar

Leading counsel: Allegations of arson including one where several houses were set ablaze and destroyed. Successful submission of no case in relation to the main arson and client acquitted of all other counts by jury.


R v B - CCC (Led by QC) 5 week trial before the Recorder of London. Allegations of Murder and causing/allowing the death of her 16 week old daughter. Cut throat defence with father of the child. The crown relied upon the leading experts in the following fields: pathology, paediatric pathology, radiology, osteoarticular pathology, neuro pathology, ophthalmic pathology and paediatrics. There were substantial issues relating to domestic violence, bad character and disclosure. The case involved significant phone evidence, cell site and CCTV. The client was acquitted of murder. The case attracted national press coverage.

R v O; R v O Ltd - Sole junior (co-def and pros represented by QC) 3 week trial. Corporate Manslaughter and Health and Safety Offences. The case involved a subcontractor falling through a roof to his death. There was expert evidence given by Senior Environmental Health Officer, Senior Health and Safety Inspectors, a Chartered Quantity Surveyor and a Structural Engineer. The defence involved allegations of collusion by some prosecution witnesses and was a cut throat against the subcontracting organisation.

R v B - Death by Dangerous driving. Client was only 18 years old at the time of the offence.  Consideration of expert’s collision reports and statements of multiple witnesses to the collision.  Attracted media coverage.

R v W - Death by Careless driving. Defendant was a lorry driver for a living. Experts reports were paramount to the defendant’s case.

R v N - (Led by QC) Murder. The case involved the defendant murdering his wife by beheading and then the attempt to dispose of her body. Expert pathological evidence surrounding the issue of peri-mortem/post-mortem. Legal issue argued regarding loss of control and its application to the case.  National press coverage.

R v AB - (Led by QC) Murder/conspiracy to GBH allegations. The allegation was that one of the co-defendants had organised the murder from a prison cell. Client acquitted of murder. National press coverage

R V P - (Led by QC) Murder - Multi-handed. The stabbing which resulted in the death of 15 year old was said to be in revenge for an incident earlier in the day. The main issue was joint enterprise and the case complicated by bad character. The defendant was acquitted of all counts.

R v P - (Led by QC) 7 handed murder. The murder was said to be a revenge attack for the murder of their friend in the previous 24 hours. The offence was carried out by pouring petrol through the front door of the house and then setting it alight. The wrong house was targeted resulting in the death of a mother and her 3 children. High media interest.

R v J - Sole junior counsel in attempted murder case where the defendant suffered from complex psychiatric difficulties which had gone undiagnosed.

R v M - Sole junior in attempted murder case. The defendant had stabbed in the neck the father of his ex-partner. Complicated domestic factors and bad character.

R v P - Sole junior on multi-handed attempted murder. The defendant was said to repeatedly stabbed in the back a gang rival. Bad character issues arose and cut throat defences

Financial Offences

R v S - Leading Counsel in multi handed international conspiracy to defraud value approx. £3m. Significant volumes of paperwork and telephone evidence in the case. Secured only acquittals in the trial.

R v I - Multi handed conspiracy to defraud. Apple Pay fraud involving compromised details and a vast amount of telephone evidence and downloads as part of the Crowns case.

R v S - £44m fraud multiple defendants international aspects client acquitted

R v S - Fraud of £90k plus represented a bank employee who was accused of passing on information and changing details on accounts. Case stayed as an abuse of process upon application due to failings in disclosure.

R v R - Diamond fraud. Client accused of selling diamonds that either did not exist or were of a poor quality. He was an employee of the co-defendants. Application for dismissal successful.

R v P - Money laundering in excess of £40m. This case involved an NCA investigation encompassing multiple jurisdictions. Substantial disclosure failings by the Crown and following legal argument the Crown offered no evidence.

R V Z - Fraud. 28 handed. ‘Crash for cash’ False insurance claims made following staged car accidents.

R v K - Fraud Multi handed online banking fraud with international aspects. Media interest.

R v D - Led junior represented a solicitor accused of Mortgage fraud. Following legal submissions, the case was stayed as an abuse of process.

R v F - 2 day contested confiscation hearing involving evidence from foreign jurisdictions. The Crown argued that there were £2m hidden assets. Following defence evidence and submissions the Judge held there were no hidden assets.

Sexual Offences

R v C - Sole Junior prosecuted by QC and junior at trial. Defendant faced Multiple Rape counts, supply of Class A drugs, arranging the sexual exploitation of and taking and distributing indecent images all of a 14 years old who was deemed vulnerable. Intermediary present. National press coverage.

R v M - Sexual activity with a child multiple counts and multi-handed. Crown applied to adduce the complainants evidence under hearsay provisions due to her mental health and extreme vulnerabilities. Skeleton argument submitted on behalf of all defendants and substantial legal arguments throughout the trial.

R v T - Multiple counts of Sexual activity with a child. Trial of the Act following young defendant being found unfit to plead. Cross examination of a 14 year old complainant and witness.

R v M - Historic allegations dating back 1960’s including allegations of rape. The defendant was extradited back to face trial. Involved many witnesses now of some age with some vulnerabilities, including the defendant and prosecution witnesses. Defendant acquitted.

R v P - Historic allegations dating back to 1973 combined with more recent allegations involving a different complainant. Application for severance successful and client acquitted at both trials.

R v U - Leading defence counsel in multi-handed rare prosecution for trafficking out of the UK. Client abducted the girls from foster care there having been released from prison and then arranged for their departure. Substantial hearsay arguments to play evidence when witness unavailable. Court of appeal proceedings complex with significant further disclosure following trial.

R v K - Rape, attempted rape and sexual assault of different complainants. Rare expert evidence called by the Crown of statistical genetics in relation to DNA. Exclusion of ID evidence successful following voire dire.

R v H - Historic allegation 1970’s. A submission of no case on one count made at the start of the trial successful and following trial client acquitted of remaining counts.

R v B - Historic allegations from 1980’s father and stepdaughter. Family divided with some giving evidence on behalf of prosecution and others on behalf of defence. Social service records and previous police investigation subject to legal arguments. Following trial client acquitted.

R v R - Care worker accused of sexual assault on a patient under his care. Intermediary for the complainant due to the significant learning and physical disabilities of the complainant. Client acquitted.

R V M - Historic allegations from 1980’s and 1970’s complicated by bad character evidence of unproved previous sexual allegations from even earlier.

R V P - Rape and false imprisonment of client’s partner. Late medical evidence called by the Crown but successfully challenged. Client acquitted of all counts.

Other offences

R v G - Leading counsel in conspiracy to supply Class A drugs, significant volume of telephone evidence as part of the Crown’s case required consideration in detail as to locations of defendants.

R v R - Firearms conspiracy involving Mach 10 sub machine gun

R v M - Firearms multi-handed case. Involved pistol, machine gun and ammunition discovered. Cut throat defences. Legal argument regarding admissibility of clients previous two acquittals.

R v B - Multi handed drugs importation of 130kilos of cocaine value approximately £19m. Cut throat defence at trial. Client acquitted.

R v C - Led junior in largest Flying Squad investigation into raids of high value jewelers multi-handed trial.

R v H - Conspiracy to supply Class B approx. 50kilos. Multi-handed prosecution supply between Midlands OCG and Plymouth OCG

R v P - Possession with intent Cocaine 35 kilos worth approx. £3.6m Following legal submissions at Newton hearing client’s basis accepted.



Member of South Eastern Circuit

Member of Criminal Bar Association

Proceeds of Crime Lawyers Association



Claire is licensed to take Direct Access Work


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