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Called : 1980
Silk Date: 2000

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Ann was appointed Queen's Counsel in 2000 following a successful practice as a junior. Ann was appointed the Head of Chambers at Farringdon in January 2014.

Ann has an excellent reputation and has accrued extensive experience in representing clients across the spectrum of criminal law offences but with particular emphasis on murder, child abuse, sexual offences and drugs cases including experience knowledge of Serious Fraud (including, carousel tax fraud, mortgage fraud and related Confiscation proceedings). Ann's standing has been built over many years with a strong prominence upon representing women, children and clients with special needs and in particular the area of mental health. Ann is known for her meticulous preparation and her inclusive team working. In addition to defending, Ann is regularly instructed to give advice to high profile individuals/organisations. Recently, Ann was retained to advise at an early stage in the high profile extradition case of Julian Assange which has continued to generate substantial international publicity.

Ann has represented professionals on very serious matters including sexual offences/violence and financial crime.

As a junior , Annie's practice was almost entirely dealing with allegations of sexual abuse if women and children as well as "baby battering". She was retained by several institutions, such as the NUT to represent teachers who were alleged to have committed the most serious sexual offences. She both prosecuted and defended in cases involving the church and higher educational establishments.

As a result of her 20 years of experience in defending cases of rape, incest, indecent assaults and buggery and in particular having represented a senior member of social services in a large scale paedophile case, Annie was invited by the British Government, the Department for International Development to assist in the setting up of a Legal System in Sierra Leone to protect and assist Women and Children who have been subjected to physical and sexual abuse.

This required regular visits to Sierra Leone were over a four year period to advise on the setting up and the implementation of this project.

Once Annie became a QC in 2000 she continued to defend in high profile rape cases and numerous cases involving sexual assault of children,particularly those involving complaints many years later. She has expertise in the area of false memory syndrome.

At this moment Annie is currently involved in a 15 week case in which 10 members of the same family, seriously abused every child in the family. The  five children were aged between three and nine and the indictment runs to 60 counts of rape and sexual assaults over a seven year period. There is no more serious sexual offending this is almost akin to the allegations in the Cleveland enquiry.

As a result of doing a lengthy case in Gibraltar during 2013/14 Annie has been asked by the First Minister , to assist the government in teaching and training regarding sexual abuse of women and children. This also involved a workshop series as well as drafting technical manuals. She prepared documentation concerning the training of Police Officers, Social Workers and Lawyers. In the proper Investigation of Child Abuse allegations.

Ann Cotcher is accredited by the Bar Council to provide Public Access Services.


R v LT - Gibraltar Supreme Court - Largest ever fraud in Gibraltar involving solicitors (ongoing 2013/2014 - acquitted)

R v R - 3 month - multi handed sex/child abuse case - ongoing

R-v-MM - Southwark Crown Court - 2/3 months high profile fraud

R-v- S and others - Southwark Crown Court - 2 month money laundering charge

R-v- DS and others - Southwark Crown Court - high profile attack in London of former Indian General involving anti terrorist branch

R-v-D M Crowley – Southwark Crown Court – Money Laundering

R-v-Pariyar – Reading CC – attempted decapitation of Gurkha soldier

R-v-Thomas & Ors – Central CC – 5 Week gang war murder

R-v-Lowe – St Albans – 3 Week high profile murder

xtradition case of R-v-G – Northampton – High profile sexual assualts case

R-v-Small & Ors – Central CC – 7 Week murder

R-v-Wilkinson & Ors – Reading – 4 Week firearm conspiracy

R-v-R Passfield – Birmingham Crown Court – Mortgage Fraud

R-v-L Allen – Kingston Crown Court – VAT Fraud lasting 6 months acquittal

R-v-McKinnon & Ors – Birmingham – 11 week conspiracy to murder from a contract killing of retired couple.

R-v-Todd & Ors – Hove – 6 week murder

R-v-Griffiths & Ors – Birmingham – large scale drugs conspiracy

R-v-Oakley – Luton – rape involving complicated legal issues.

R-v-Powell & Ors – Kingston – 5 week drug conspiracy

R-v-Etherington & Ors – Central CC – 5 week murder

R-v-H Baga – Southwark Crown Court – Fraud

R-v-D Bohannon – Southwark Crown Court – Police Computer fraud

Re: R – Manchester – 4 week paedophile case

R-v-Singh & Ors – Central CC – 8 week murder

R-v-Mirza & Ors – Luton – 8 week murder & perverting the course of justice


Member of Criminal Bar Association


Ann's personal interests include opera, travel, running, countryside, red wine, shopping and Tottenham Hotspur!

Ann is accreditted to take Public Access and has recently completed the extended course.

Ann is also a past chair person of the Women's barristers association.


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